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Who we are?

Evadav is an advertising platform that has been rapidly growing since 2018. We create a powerful and flexible adTech product that helps our customers get high-quality traffic and scale up their businesses. We are in the top 20 world networks for advertisers and publishers.

  • Team development is a crucial component of business strategy
  • 100+ professionals ready to share their experience
  • Innovative technologies for high efficiency

Our Values

  • Every junior can
    become a head

    The career path is clear and based on the interests of the employee.

  • We hear the ideas of everyone

    The team chooses and implements the most useful of them; therefore, we have powerful results

  • We respect transparency and openness

    We achieve financial and professional goals through transparency in processes, expectations, and plans.

  • We gather like-minded people

    Our team supports the development of projects, striving for freedom of decision-making and achieving ambitions

Our advantages

  • You get the experience that correlates with your interests and, at the same time, promotes business
  • Our company is developed and ready for external crises
  • With us, you realize career ambitions and have space for the realization of your ideas
  • You can count on us for work and life challenges
  • We succeed with you thanks to the strong feedback culture
  • We stick to a transparent system of financial motivation
  • You work remotely from any part of the world
  • We care about your comfort, personal needs, and work&life balance
Oleinyk Ekaterina Herasymenko Nataliia Verbliud Anastasia Kondratiuk Yuliia

I have worked in Evadav for 5 years. I saw the project turn into a separate company. The team is young. We have things to talk about and distract a little from work. There’s room for growth.              

Oleinyk Ekaterina

Publisher Manager

I applied to the Junior-level vacancy and quickly became a Hunter's Team Lead. Then, I went in another direction – the Account. I love to expand the experience and overcome difficulties!

Herasymenko Nataliia

Team Lead Account Publisher Team

I recently passed the trial period! From the first day of work, I can approach my colleagues for help and always receive it. I am happy to work in a team, improving my skills and learning new tools for work!

Verbliud Anastasia

Hunter Publisher Manager

I have been a part of a team of professionals for almost four years! I am infinitely grateful for the experience of colleagues who sincerely shared the acquired skills, recognition of my ideas, and readiness to hear employees.

Kondratiuk Yuliia

Head of Demand

More of us

Our emotions

We are enthusiastic and often compete in bowling and paintball. We play hard and with souls. We know each other’s pets. Nowadays, we are all scattered worldwide, so we are up to online evening meetings, having mutual rest, caring about each other, and immersing in different aspects of life. And never miss the opportunity to meet at conferences or city tours.

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