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What are in-page push notifications/ads?

Introduced by advertising networks in 2020, these new creatives resemble classic pushes only that they load directly on the page as users view the publisher's content. Formatted as notification alerts, users highly engage with them, resulting in increased traffic and ROI. They follow cost-per-click (CPC) pricing.

How are inpage push ads displayed to users?

Displayed as short message alerts, people see the ad after initially loading the page following a time delay of some seconds. They slide into view and contain a short description, title, image, or icon. Each banner comes with a close button. Users don’t receive prompts beforehand to enable these alerts.

Are inpage push ads effective?

Compatible with all devices, a new ad format has granted advertisers access to a previously untapped audience of iOS users locked out following Apple's ban. EvaDav has also noted that they are receiving higher click-throughs than classic web pushes. Publishers don't ask for opt-ins eliminating a previously crippling barrier that reduced ad delivery.

How to get started with inpage push ads?

For companies engaging in in-page advertising, they need to join ad networks that offer this innovative format. EvaDav is an ad network that advertisers can join. On the platform, campaigns can leverage precise targeting to create personalized ads. Advertisers can split traffic between classic and in page push traffic.