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What is a push alert /notification?

It's an alert-style message, which includes an image or icon, short description, title, and URL. They come from computer programs, mobile apps, or websites where the recipient has opted-in for further communication. Marketers leverage this delivery format to deliver advertising messages.

Why use push ads?

Publishers can use the technology to disburse important and vital updates to prior web visitors that found the content helpful and want to get updated even when they are not actively browsing the website. For instance, news sites use the delivery channel for breaking news. It promotes audience retention by driving people back to a site.

What types of push notifications exist?

Web pushes: Sent to web browsers and viewed from the notification panel on mobile devices or computers. Note that, Apple blocks alerts from iOS browsers.
Desktop alerts: They come from computer programs.
Mobile app alerts: Mobile apps send various notices, for instance, new friend requests on social networks.

What's the importance of push alerts?

People receive timely information and news. For example, a website can update subscribers every time they post fresh content—recipients who decide to opt-in fear missing out. Advertisers get to deliver offers and increase ROI. It’s crucial to balance ads and normal communication to avoid annoying the recipient.

What's the difference: Push and text alerts?

No internet connection is required for sending texts; web alerts are web-based. The user can’t unsubscribe from receiving texts. Engaging with the text notification launches the mobile messaging app. Clicking on a web alert launches the browser and redirects users to a specific URL or app. Pushes are often shorter and may contain images or icons as part of their formatting.

How do people use push notifications?

Specific utilization depends on the entity originating the message. App developers will notify users about in-app suggestions, featured updates, etc. Advertisers, in an attempt to drive traffic to their landing pages, announce new offers or discounts. Certain verticals perform well with this messaging format including gambling, trading, eCommerce, and sweepstakes.